OFM Penthouse

Join the this exclusive OFM community and learn from professionals on how to turn your dream of building an agency into a reality! Connect with like-minded individuals and take your business to new heights. This exclusive opportunity is for driven individuals who are ready to take their lives to the next level.


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OFM Penthouse

An exclusive OFM community that teaches motivated people how to build an agency from nothing and network with others.

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Action Prince



Access to 8 private channels

Access to our PRIVATE Suppliers for Replicas

Channels to help with building your shopify stores, tips on how to make them convert more sales etc.

Channel for Trending Sounds on TikTok

Channel for admins and others to share the BEST hook/captions for your videos

Access to channels teaching you how the TikTok Algorithm works and how to hit the FYP.

A Prince Chat to speak to staff and other paid members

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Action King




Channels teaching you the best secrets and tips to go viral

Channels teaching how to increase CVR and AOV on your website

A TikTok and IG Cheat Sheet regarding algorithm and what works best to grab a viewers attention to convert them to buying

Channel showing how to hit SPECIFICALLY the USA FYP

Access to channels teaching you how the TikTok Algorithm works and how to hit the FYP.

A sauce channel where staff will be posting some top tier secrets that we use.

A daily motivation channel

A channel regarding strictly the fundamentals of what a video NEEDS to go viral.

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Action God




1:1 Private Calls with the Owners of ECOM ACTION.

A replica cheat sheet going over how to gain sales, how to speak to customers in DMs to convince them to buy, the most important factors of replica Dropshipping will be in this channel.

A Viral Tactics channel going over the quickest ways to gain followers within your first day of a new page.

3 Channels regarding TikTok, Instagram and Snapchat SECRETS. These channels will have the CRAZIEST Strategies that only a small amount of people in the whole ecom community know about!

A Gods Chat to speak to staff and other paid members.

Multiple ways of scaling your store with other social medias/apps

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